5 Ways Your Startup Can Benefit From Fractional HR Leadership

Fractional HR Leadership is quickly gaining popularity

Jessica Donahue, PHR


Fractional HR Leader for startups and small businesses
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If you’re building a startup or growing a small to mid-sized business, you’ve likely wrestled with how to access the expertise you need to scale smartly without completely blowing your budget on payroll and benefits costs.

Rather than hiring full-time executives, companies are increasingly turning to fractional leaders. A fractional leader is someone a company engages in a part-time, interim capacity and for a “fraction” of what it would cost to hire a full-time executive. Fractional leaders are experts in their fields and typically have led their respective functions in past positions.

For years, companies have used Fractional talent to lead their accounting or finance functions. But as the world of work evolves at near lightning speed, and workers demand more and more from their employers, a new type of “gig worker” is quickly gaining popularity; the Fractional HR or People Ops Leader.

Here are 5 ways your startup can benefit from Fractional HR leadership.

1. Fractional HR leadership enables you to focus on growth

Finding the time to work on the business when you’re so tied up working in the business is an age-old challenge for entrepreneurs. But, at some point, you have to extricate yourself from the day-to-day operations, selectively hand over certain functions to those around you, and lean on the expertise they bring to the table.

It’s been said that unless you’re planning on being the best at something, it probably doesn’t make sense to build it yourself. And this holds for building your HR or People Ops function.

Just because you could muscle your way through it yourself doesn’t mean you should — Especially when things like employment law and compliance concerns are involved. Fractional HR leadership frees you up to spend less time working in the business and more time working on the business by taking some of the “people stuff” off your plate. Fractional HR leaders can field employee questions, maintain momentum on high-priority people projects, and function as an extension of your leadership team.



Jessica Donahue, PHR

Fractional HR & People Ops for Startups & Early Stage Companies