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Make sure the best offer a top-performing employee receives comes from inside your company.

Here’s Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Re-Recruit Your Existing Team
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It’s never been harder to find and hire top talent than it is right now. And most organizations seem to be overlooking the one talent pool they should arguably be spending the most time recruiting from — their existing employee base.

In early September, The Labor Department shared the results…

The time to start paying off your “organizational debt” is now

Your Ability to Scale Your Startup Hinges on Organizational Debt
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As an HR Consultant whose clients are predominantly startups and small businesses, I encounter many founders and owners who question when the “right time” is to architect a talent strategy, implement various HR programs, or hire their first Chief People Officer.

“Aren’t we still too small for that?” they’ll ask.

And why you should rethink this zoom-related assumption

Requiring employees to be on camera does more harm than good
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I hadn’t yet taken the leap from full-time employee to self-employed consultant when the pandemic first began shuttering the doors of workplaces across the US. At the time, I was working as an HR Director and was responsible for leading learning & development (L&D) initiatives for my company.

After suddenly…

Allegations of discrimination, harassment, and misconduct are inevitable in the workplace.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Conducting Successful Workplace Investigations. Allegations of discrimination, harassment, and misconduct are inevitable in the workplace.
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Employee allegations of discrimination, harassment, or general misconduct are inevitable in the workplace. At the same time, being asked to conduct an employee investigation yourself can be incredibly stressful. Why? Because the stakes are high, and the ramifications can be significant. …

When you brand your all-white talent as the “best and the brightest,” it implies that the best talent is white talent.

It’s become increasingly clear that many organizations who talked a big game about increasing diversity and boosting inclusion efforts haven’t actually put in the work to do so.

There is not a day that goes by where I don’t come across a company sharing a photo of their “rockstar” team made up of the “the best and the brightest talent” in their industry. Perhaps you’ve seen them, too.

Have you noticed what those posts often have in common…

Jessica Donahue, PHR

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