Hi Robert, There certainly are organizations that function as you describe above where the Peter Principle might not apply. At the same time, I’ve seen plenty of incompetent people get promoted into management only to be ‘found out’ as ineffective and coached out of the organization in a year’s time. So, I think it can go both ways.

I respectfully disagree with your assessment of HR as nothing more than a “way to oppress and get rid of good employees.” As a talent professional myself, the last thing I ever want to lose are good employees — doing so makes my job and management’s job that much harder, not to mention the overall loss to the organization. There are times when it’s necessary to coach people out of the organization for various reasons which other employees may not be privy to, and rightfully so.

Keep in mind that there are usually 3 sides to any story — theirs, ours, and the truth which lies somewhere in between. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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