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Yes, I have also seen instances of employees resigning for the sake of getting a raise with a counter offer. As an employer, that's a bad spot to be in and certainly is a red flag to slow down and re-evaluate what is going on culturally.

I have seen my fair share of employees who resigned before ever sharing their dissatisfaction with anyone at the company, even when given the opportunity to. These were usually employees who were pretty early in their careers and didn't yet understand that the company can't fix a problem that they don't know exists.

In those cases, I always tried to impress upon them the give the company the chance to remedy the situation before throwing in the towel. I often asked green employees to come to me with frustrations before getting to the point of looking elsewhere to see if we could troubleshoot together. Sometimes, they just needed help being coached through having a tough conversation with their boss.

Looking forward to reading some of your work, and thanks for your note!

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